000 Some of the sketches and assorted drawings through out the years I have illustrated000

Here you will find a selection of some of the drawings O have done and sketches that I feel are worthy of display here to you all, lately I have been mostly sketching concept designs for my job prior to 3d modeling a scene, some of these ideas turn out quite wacky some ideas are sketched as a plan for a project for my self, as in the example for some of the constructions in Activeworlds.

You may send me a comment if you like, enjoy, the most recent I am having at the top while the older ones are further down the bottom, enjoy

Assorted sketches, drawings and concept art, for activeworlds, showreel cd, game developement and other concepts










Other Architectural related



Paintings I had painted or still painting, note these will shift into the other crafts page once I release it.



Old former plans for a workshop that I had designed and planed to buid into an existing shed at a friends placeseveral years ago, never went ahead.


A set of still to add illustrations for a model I built as a memorial to a friend who passed away at the time, this was over 12 years ago.


Assorted railway sketches and drawings

Relating to the Swedish Galeon WASA of 1628


Assorted cutaway illustration drawings of some ships from a series I was making at the time for a book, never completed my plan. ships featured here are a pheonesian Galley, Viking Ship, Great Harry, an early iron warship, RMS Titanic, USS Enterprise aircraft carrier.

This related to another model still under construction being scratchbuilt, this view of the Bow construction


Two out of a set for the Polly woodside maritime museum as was then around, I produced these over 13 years ago it was part of a commisision these are just 2 views from the set, features the Barque, "Polly Woodside"


Wardens Private hotel from "Beechworth, VIC, Australia", and an assembly diagram for a singer sewing machine model I made and drawn.


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