000 Other Interests Assorted 000

Hello all first I will say that I will for this page try to explain as best as possible and in brief many of the interest that I have.

Call it a Glossary on Interests of mine.

I hope this should help give you some idea on the interests that I have which are many and I can only fit a few here, so bare with me if you wish to know more just let me know, thanks :-)

For a more complete summarized example list, click here, to view the list at the bottom of the page.


This listing here is only a selection of what I had decided to write a description on.

Modelmaking, Carpentry(woodworking), sound editing, video editing, animation, 3d modeling, sketching /drawing, anatomy, heartbeats, human body,Graphic Art, Engineering, Jewelry Making, Restoration/ Conservation, Ancient civilizations, lost ancient history, Paranormal/ UFO's, Railway / Railroads, Shipwrecks, Ships, Virtual Reality and VR programs like Activeworlds, 3D Game Development, RMS Titanic, Wasa, Philippine and Pinoy interests, these are just a few of the other interests as I have thousands etc., for a more complete listing click here.

Please ask you never know, you may even be surprised too on what else.


One of my stronger interests, that I am very much into, I love to model detailed scale reproductions, from any era, any type of theme, and any scale, to assorted standards of detail or quality. My models can vary greatly from complete detail to like architectural models, however I love to add as I strive to add as much detail that is passable by me in order to create a one of a kind, an original model, unlike any that anyone else would normally do as the casual amateur modelmaker.

As I usually love to build from scratch , in some cases I will resort to kits and then try to improve and superdetail them.

Sometimes depending I may also go through and correct certain details if I find the resultant detail as incorrect or over scaled etc.

Otherwise scratchbuilding models I normally prefer, my subject vary greatly compared to most other modelmakers who prefer to stick to a theme or subject.

For more information, its better to ask me, since there's just too much to put here.


This is one of those more traditional crafts, and one that still relates to creating assorted things.

My carpentry skills are well on the side of my creativity as I love to build with wood , something that as of current I cannot do since I have no access to a workshop now. I can and have built everything from walls, furniture, toys, built-ins and even models, for some ideas.

I for example have built a built in wardrobe which I am quite proud of, Have a coffee table that I built many years ago, the Wasa model on this website , initially was a solid hull model I carved over 12 years ago then dressed up to the way it is today.

I have even designed other built ins and done maintenance work on walls and trims.

Furniture is one of those topics that I would love to be able to have a chance to do, considering that I do work at a furniture company, I do wish to one day again be able to build my own for my self, including detailed carving work for entrance doors and bed headers etc., for more just ask me thankyou.

Sound Editing

Now here I may not be a professional technician in audio however I am still pretty good at editing sound files and creating original works.

I have cleaned up assort sound files and created other more unusual ones, though my main skill in sound editing is in optimizing and clean up of very fine sound recordings which include even sound recordings of a heartbeat, which depending what type of microphone was used may require a bit of the volume to be raised in the recording then be filtered with any selection of available filters in the programs that I have been utilizing.

At one time I even made a recording with mixed sound effects for a children's story many years ago.

I have recorded a wasp that got stuck in a wall cavity of a house I was at at one time and played around with the recording of its buzzing into some interesting alien sounds.

I have and can mix various tracks together in order to create something real special

For more of a discussion please ask me thankyou.

Video Editing

Editing and composing of video footage, including footage resulting from rendered animation's is another skill that I at times utilize exclusively for certain productions, everything from mixing, editing the speed, superimposing are just some of the many techniques that I can employ to a video, though depending on the video software, as one of my more favorite programs, has ceased to function due to it detecting the year as it was of course programed to expire after a certain year so as to force people to purchase the newer version though for that program the value is way more than I could afford. I am at this stage having to deal with less abilities in some programs till I can track down a program that I can afford to use that would allow me to or rather give me the freedom to express again.

I have edited together assorted animation's that I have produced myself before hand, including some animation's for work and some years ago in particular such as a Stargate SG1 inspired animation once.

For more information and to discuss further of my skills in this area, ask me thankyou.


Both 2D and 3D animation have a place among my many interests, like I always find it fascinating to watch and to admire professional animation as I strive to do better with each animation I attempt.

I have created a fair list of animated originals, some are more back into video editing , however others are more from 3d modeling.

I have created such examples as a sideshow where a robot is walking across the screen continuously though its the background that's moving while the robots leg and arm sections make it move.

I created a stargate inspired one once and even began to redo it with updated techniques years ago, which included a wormhole opening up in space a part where two ships pass by mars, to even a part with smaller ships being launched in cut footage scripted for an attack sequence.

I have produced even fly-arounds, over as parts assemble for a type of metal framed desk.

There are more examples though best to ask if you like.

3D Modeling

This has to be another of those major interests, and skill driven areas that I enjoy so very much as I love modeling in 3d and creating structures, components, models, some of which may be a reconstruction of something that no longer exists or is part of a component for a design scene as in architecture or commercial office design.

I have at times even had many ideas of some more crazy designs or creations, not just work related, however due to my inability to match the quality at home at the moment to the way I do at work, some of these are having to wait.

3D Modeling also is one interest that ties into many areas, from VR as in Activeworlds, to photo galleries and game design, to architectural walkthroughs, all the way to the depths of the sea for the wreck of the RMS Titanic.

This is a topic that just cannot be left with a small section like this, though I am just brushing lightly here, more info of course can be asked if you like.

Sketching and Drawing

Well Drawing and sketching is one of those interests and skills that I have been very good at for a very long time, though I could not tell you where or how I learnt to draw in 3d perspective so long ago when in grade 2, that's a mystery though everyone in my family has been a great drawer and there are a couple of arts, though not that known however on my mothers side, anyway I'm better with what is known as manmade objects or scenes though I can do landscapes very well, I just am not that good with people or animals, although I can draw reasonable ones but way too basic on the other hand.

In my own time if I decide to do a sketch I sometimes prototype ideas, many are mythical or futuristic in concept others may be drawn from history like from one of my other interests.

At work I also sketch out concepts at times prior to an interesting render that's in my mind and decide to sketch it out to test to see if it would be worth modeling and rendering.

Sometimes I may do a sketch for an entire scene or an object which also could be part of.

I have also and are able to draft up assorted architectural plans though I'm no architect or drafter, though some may disagree with that, since what I can do has not been through any course and so is not recognized Commercially other than it being self taught.

If you wish to find out more information it would be recommended for you to ask me thanks.


OK here another one that's well how could I say, could be split up into various fields, such as art, heartbeats or pure fascination, its also the fascination that this relates to all of us though not everyone would find that fascinating or find as yuk, but I find it fascinating as I have had a long interest in this, and well I have in the past even animated a few 3d scenes with hearts beating and lungs breathing, with the carotid pulse on the neck either side pulsing away, however those animation's created over 8 years ago were from assemble 3d body part models downloaded off the Internet I then animated them after piecing them together, these I had not created from scratch though I wish to sometime once I can master 3d modeling organic forms which I have been improving quite well with I will then rebuild these animation's with my own models.

I guess when I first became interested in anatomy was through school and I in the end would borrow many books on the subject as well as filter through my collection of encyclopedias, yes Books, I can also say that I still at times do search for more interesting material and have a few books on the subject including the visible human project, I have the book but not the included CD as my issue was second hand.

It can be abit difficult in trying to explain it here in this set of paragraphs that I try to give you, but either way not everyone would find it fascinating, if you wish to find out more then please contact me thanks.


OK how do I put words here on this topic , this is one of those topics that for some people tend to shy away from even beginning to talk about, mention or discuss, however I wish to at least mention it here as another sample of my interest, maybe I may discover another friend that's local that may also share this interest but feels to afraid to tell anyone.

It really dose get me at times to wonder why would some people find it rather too strange or regard it as something wrong with you to have an interest or fascination in the organ that keeps us all alive. And so I wonder why would someone find or rather class anyone with an interest or fascination as being too strange enough that there has got to be something wrong with them, this is not a very good way of thinking, and yet, there are other things that are even more weird and yet there more accepted than this, just because not everyone has any sort of interest or be considered mainstream should this be regarded as something that should be forgotten, OK enough of that.

Heartbeats can be quite interesting to note and as most people regard that everyone has the same sound, that's not true, all are unique all have there type of rhythms, some people regard the idea of listening to the sound not by a doctor but for fascination or pleasure to be of some kind of music.

Remember that one thing that's told by people to help soothe a baby to sleep is to let them listen to there mothers heartbeat, well this could also let some to explain that this is some kind of nurturing thing, again its not.

I mean there are allot of people around the world, actually 1000's that love to listen to the sound of someone's heartbeat, even there own and many have there own stethoscopes, bebe mics, Doppler's etc., even some own there own ECG machines, normally second hand ones.

But the interest is out there, and there are people who love to share with like minded friends, normally sound recordings or even through chat with an ordinary PC microphone, now I could go on more on this to explain further however out listed my paragraphs explanation here.

For more information and maybe if you feel that you may have some interest relating to heartbeats, please contact me.

OK next topic to explain abit on.

Human Body

Now this one is another interest that's also shared between several, namely sketching/drawing, anatomy, 3D modeling and also in some cases heartbeats also, this mainly is more towards the fascination as in art for the human figure for all its shapes and curves, and any visible components that may lead back to anatomy such as veins, or pulsation's from each pulse again deriving towards heartbeats to also visible beats,, but this all , like those famous artists and sculptor's, as in Michelangelo and Leonardo Da Vinci, the beauty of all the forms that make up the body in whole, , such as the female form for example, though all forms are interesting.

As an artist or 3D modeler, I am am interested in recapturing the form and am striving to one day be able to successfully model 3d People just as one day I will finally master sketching and drawing people, I also as a sculpture wish to model miniature figures and maybe some busts also.

Some areas of interest for how the body is shaped and what some people find fascinating or could be also considered by many attractive is a bit of shape in the collarbones being only slightly visible to the right degree same with the neck, now funny how in many of these photoshop mag redressing of photos they seem to find that detail as ugly to the point they over plasticize the neck with no features etc., but anyway again each in there own interests.

This also leads to 3d Game development for in the production of realistic characters and I have even done abit of game development for my own characters, though that's where my games never completed due to trying to teach myself how to 3D model a human form .

For more info please ask me thankyou.

Graphic Arts

Now we are upto Graphic Arts, which are another big part of me, though I now don't do as many complete from scratch these days as evident on my Graphic Arts page which generally display works from the Pillar Nundah many years ago, however I do plan to do more soon. This topic center's between two parts, there is the more traditional and then there is the computer generated form.

I can do both types and try to keep all my skills existing to say the least.

Its difficult trying to work out what to say here since this one is another topic best to be discussed rather than trying to explain in text form here

For further information its best to ask me thankyou


Call me an armature engineer, I am vary much interested in the practices of design and manufacture, I though do work in the manufacturing industry of commercial office furniture and partition screens.

I have designed and engineered my own projects in the past, made prototypes, this leads to prototyping and electronics including inventing of assorted devices and construction jigs. Part of this derives from once working as a professional Architectural modelmaker, where in instances we had to prefabricate our own guides and jigs.

Working with old circular saws that were water cooled and turning on a machinist lathe were some of the skills and manufacture.

My interest spans though past that and I would in the old days of being at high school, borrow and research through library books, collect assorted information manuals on machining and there material properties, this leads again into model engineering, though I have not worked with steam like many model engineer's around the world have with beam engines and stem trains for example, so not a boiler maker as such, however have soldered in many ways, from the solid solder iron flung into a heated fire to the electric kind including spot welding, , however I must add that I have not dealt into true welding as such and on;y experienced it once back in high school many many years ago.

Jewelry Making

Here's another one, that only a limited amount of people you would wonder would ever be interested in or even consider to tackle depending on the level of work in this interest.

The field in this interest does though share, with several other areas, like prototyping, engineering, modelmaking, restoration, etc., however it depends, if your just assembling or crafting from the assorted materials.

My interest is more into the manufacturing techniques of the craftsman, jeweler. I have made some though not much, and have assembled a ring from an assorted components from deferent things and still proud of that one though it was for a purpose that in the end fell through and so did not contribute to anything. But sometime I do wish to craft one from scratch, though have not had any experience in plating properly if I were to go that far, of course if I had a real shad and or workshop then I could really do a real professional job of anything like this.

Restoration and Conservation

Restoration is another area that is close to this, as I have restored various objects including the full upper section of an old singer sewing machine that used to be very hard to turn, it was freed so much with my work that it was able to turn easy, just some examples.

This can lead to my appreciation of old antiques and my respect to conserve them for the future, whether it be an old construction or an old clock, my interest in this area spans into the restoration of all kinds of areas, railways, cars, aircraft, structures, ships, the list goes on.

Its abit more difficult to explain here though, but then I'm only giving here a slight intro .

RMS Titanic

My interest and fascination for this great old Ocean liner well known for the unfortunate disaster that befelled the vessel in 1912, part due to to the media verses and twisting the comment Virtually unsinkable as per the design of the 16 water tight compartments blocked off by water tight doors that would be closed all by the push of a button on the bridge.

This comment which the designers knew that although it was designed for slight damage and still steam easily to port if 4-6 compartments were to flood,it was a known fact that that even this setup being the safest still could never render any ship unsinkable, yet when the comment virtually unsinkable, the media twisted it around and said it was unsinkable, part of this lead to other carelessness, in this belief.

My interest is more into the design and construction of the vessel and of the result of the wreck resting below the grand banks ocean shelf, built by Harland & Wolf Shipbuilders in Ireland.

I will be devoting some further details of my interest on my Titanic Interests page. My collection masses over 50 books and many assorted other documents, including reproduced copies of the assorted reports that were followed through after the disaster aswell as the mementos that were issued to each first class passenger at the time upon boarding, includes the lunch menu, music introduction etc.

A set of scale models and a current scratch build of the wreck which can be seen on my modelmakers page.

3d virtual walkthrough and flythrough simulations which I created back in 1998 which I have a few screenshots showing the major wreck one I was constructing, shown on the old VR sims page.

And of course the latest of simulations under construction in activeworlds with the limited basic object path of objects, allowing even tourists such as my father to enjoy touring the ship, there's plans to even build another copy as a diving wreck in Activeworlds, alphaworld.

I could continue but I am only giving you just a slight idea here.


The wasa is a Swedish Galleon, the best preserved from 1628 when it sank after a short launch in front of the public and the then king of Sweden. Being a brand new ship and the biggest than what was normal for the time as the Swedish shipbuilders were used to single gun deck ships, this was new to them a 2 Decker with over 64 guns spanning in most two decks. The ship was gilded in a heavy mix of brightly colored sculptures and built of Oak it was overturned by a small gust of wind while sailing out to a small island outside of Stockholm.

She was rediscovered in 1958 and was brought up in 1961. It was determined that she was too top heavy that her lower gun deck port lids were so close to the water, as she sat so low in the water, one slight gust of wind and the water poured through the open gun ports and the ship turned over sinking in 10 minutes, she was one of 3 of the class, the Wasa being the main flagship vessel.

Several recovery operations were attempted at the time till she was eventually forgotten 60 years later. That was till 1958 with the aid of a cork sampler, she was rediscovered and finally after two years of planning she was brought up up again and now resides in a special museum on the shores, not far from where she was originally built.

Philippine and Pinoy interests

Is this to broad enough to class as one subject, hmm, well as I'm attempting to convey here in brief only an introductory for this range which spans, from the architecture to the culture of the Philippines and Filipino's in general.

I have a deep interest and fascination in just about everything Filipino, , more so since I did have one chance to visit the country though way too short, as a week was way to short to really see anything that much, my interest has expanded past that though it really began long before the trip.

Some of the sub interests or fascinations, if you can call that hehe, Some of these include such things as: Don Marino Lacson Mansion Ruins from Talisay in Negros Occidental, Laguda Mansion ruins when it used to exist now it has been torn down as of 1 year ago, The "Balangay" which was an ancient vessel that was rediscovered buried and a replica was constructed which had re-asoned an ancient course along several of the main islands, known as "Balangay 2", Magellan's Cross, Lapu Lapu Monument, San Pedros Fort, Philippine traditional architecture, ancestral home design, ancient building designs from the Philippines, modern architectural design, history as they have had an extensive and colorful history, being ruled by the Spanish for 300 years till they were freed by the US.

The heritage of Cebu, since I had been there for a week, however for the amount of historic places and such you would really need to be there for allot longer especially when Cebu was once one of the major capitals of the Philippines, its now the major capital, having its own major international Airport (Mactan International Airport) which is located on Lapu Lapu island.

Cebu once had a railway, not many of its own locals even know about that, just as Negros had a railway that went through Bacolod, there rails are still used though by push carts, Cebu no longer has the rails though there are areas that still have stuff from the days though hard to find, including at Carcar was a major station its now an overgrown lost shell, in the bush.

I have an interest into the PNR (Philippine National Railways) and the historical society.

Some of the other sub interests also include the Pinoy music and the main Language Tagalog, though there are other dialects that dart from it, there main one is Tagalog, Cebuano a close 2nd though as 80 percent do know English as a second language and some prefer to use English.

Tagalog meaning natives along the river, is actually derived from different bits most are traditional yet there is a fair bit of Spanish and American in it . I could continue here see I said or rather I questioned if I could call this a single interest in my descriptions or a mixture of sub interests, there are more but I am here only trying to explain in brief well I better , now go onto the next topic to try to explain :-)


In no particular order, I have over 1000 interests and many hobbies however of course I can only list a selection here, for more info, you may inquire. A sample list of many of my interests and note this list keeps growing, The highlighted references relate to the descriptions above.

-----------------------------------------------------Assorted Crafts-------------------------------------------------------

Model Making - Mixed Crafts - Carpentry - Weave & Loom Making - Cabinetry - Wood Carving & Etching - Wooden Traditional Toys - Jewelry Making - Bottled Miniatures - Tapestry Making - Bush Crafts - Engineering - Concreting - Bricklaying - Building - Plastering - Plumbing - Landscaping - Drafting - Dollhouses - Model Railway - Model Ships - Architectural model making - Paper Kits - Paper Modeling - Origami - Electronics - Cooking

-----------------------------------------------------Maritime History-------------------------------------------------------

RMS Titanic - RMS Olympic - RMS Britannic - Bismark - Tirpitz - Lusitania & Mauritania - Wasa - HMS Victory - USS Constitution - Mary Rose - HMS Warrior - Sovereign Of The Seas - La Flore - SS Yongala - SS Canberra - SS Queen Elizabeth - SS Great Eastern - SS Great Britain - Cutty Sark - Thermopile - Polly Woodside - Ship Wrecks - Ship Building - USS Olympia 1899 - Christopher Columbus Santa Maria - Pinta - Nina - Mayflower - Viking Gockstad ships - Trireme

-----------------------------------------------------Military History-------------------------------------------------------

Spanish Cannons - Forts - Fuerta - Castles - castile - Fuerte Marion-Florida USA - Spanish American war 1899 - Battle of Trafalgar 1805

-----------------------------------------------------Architecture and design----------------------------------------------------

Spanish Colonial Architecture - Manors - Commercial Office Interiors - Prefab Construction - Low Cost Dwellings - Gothic Architecture - Corinthian Architecture - Edwardian - Late Victorian - Commonwealth - Art Deco - Markree Castle - Economic Housing - Designing - Standards

-----------------------------------------------Ancient Historic & Lost Civilisations----------------------------------------------

Ancient Egypt - Khufu Royal Ship - Tutankhamun - Aztec - Mayan - Inca - Temples - Pyramids - Angkor wat - Stupa Temples - Forbidden City - Great Wall of China - Ancient Rome - Laylines - Stone Henge


Old Tin plate Collectible Toys - Hornby Tinplate Clockwork Trains - Coin & Note Collecting - Antique Collectibles - Clocks

------------------------------------------------------------The Paranormal ----------------------------------------------------

Ufos - Ghosts - Spirits - Hauntings.

------------------------------------------------------------Assorted Historic Cars ---------------------------------------------

Old Cars - Ford f100 - Chrysler Corporation Turbine Car - Chrysler SV1 - FJ Holden - The Summit - Ford Model T

-----------------------------------------Railways & Railroads & Other Steam Engines---------------------------------------

British rail - BR - SR - LMS - GWR - GCR - LNER - LNWR - Beam Steam Engines.


Painting - Drawing - Art - Landscapes - Painting - Photography - Sculpturing - Art - Museums.

--------------------------------------------Historian - Conservation & Restoration---------------------------------------------

History - WWII - Abandoned Places - Forgotten Malls - Dixie Square 1966-1979 to 2012(Demolished) - Restoration Conservation - Preservation - Reconstruction

-------------------------------------------3D Game Development Animation & 3D Virtual Reality------------------------------

3D Modelling - Graphic Art - Virtual Reality - Virtual Reconstructions - ActiveWorlds - 3D Modeling of the human figure - Character Design - Storyboarding

----------------------------------------------------------Film Making----------------------------------------------------------

Video Editing - Sound Editing - Movie Making - Stop Motion - 3D Animation - 2D Animation - Filming - Scripting - Microphones

----------------------------------------------------------Anatomy & Hearts---------------------------------------------------

Heartbeats - Stethoscopes - Auscultating - Sound Recording - Anatomy - Human Body

----------------------------------------------------------Thinker --------------------------------------------------------------

World issues - Writing - Ways to help the poor and less well off - Freedom - Human Rights - Cultural Identity - Freedom of Speech and self expression - Originality - People - Equality

-------------------------------------------------------Music Selections --------------------------------------------------------

Old music - Classic - 60's - 70's - 80's - Some 90's - And selections of later - And pinoy

-------------------------------------------------------Other uncategorized-----------------------------------------------------

Health n Safety Issues - Space - Aircrafts - Feng Shui - dowsing - Reading - Love - Relationships - Romance - Massage - Chatting - Talking - Listening - Hugs & Cuddles - To be held - Sharing.

----------------------------------------------------------o0O+O0o------------------------------------------------------------ ==================================Philippine Related Interests =================================

----------------------------------------------------Architecture and Heritage---------------------------------------------------

Intramuros - Escolta - Binondo - San Miguel - Paco - Ermita - Luneta - Old Luneta - Old Army Navy Club - Metropolitan theatre - Hotel de Oriente - La Insular - Fuerta Santiago - Puerte de Espana - Casa Ariola - Ifugao - Yakan - lean-too - Bahay Kubo - Bahay na bato - Bahay na Tisa - casa - Manila - Maynila - Maynilad - Ancestral furniture - Ancestral houses - Taal - Vigan - Cebu - Bacolod - Davao - Mactan - Silay - Cavite, - Bataan - pier 9 - Cathedrals - Churches - Basilicas - 19th Century architectural construction


Dr Jose Rizal - Emilio Aguinaldo - Pilar - Ferdinand Magellan - Miguel Legaspi - Bonifacio - Anda

-----------------------------------------------------------Military events-------------------------------------------------------

Philippine American war - WWII, Balangiga - Corregidor - Katipunan Katas-taasang, Kagalang-galangang Katipunan ng~ mg~ Anak ng Bayan (KKK) - Battle for Manila Bay

--------------------------------------------------------Thoughts and writing --------------------------------------------------

Republika ng Pilipinas - Noli me Tangere (Rizal) - El Filibusterismo (Rizal) - Jewel of the Oriente

--------------------------------------------------------Language and dialects --------------------------------------------------

Tagalog - Cebuano

--------------------------------------------------------Assorted Transport-----------------------------------------------------

Kalesa - Caresol - Carosa - Tranvia - Jitney - Jeepney - Karitan

--------------------------------------------------------Philippine Railways----------------------------------------------------

Old Paco Railway Station - Old Tutuban railway station - Old Damortise Railway Station - PNR (Philipine National Railways)

---------------------------------------------------------------Music -----------------------------------------------------------

Energy FM - Star FM - Willie Revilame Freddie Aguilar - Asin - Aegis - Lupang Hinirang (Philippine National Anthem)

------------------------------------------------------------Maritime History ---------------------------------------------------

Balangay - Banka - Casco - Manila Galleons


Philippine Airlines - Cebu Pacific



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