000 A blast from the past showing some examples of 3D simulations I had made in the early days 000

This I will attempt to display some examples showing the range of 3D simulations I had enjoyment in constructing, in the days before I joined Activeworlds and before I used 3DS max.

These are just some as most of these screenshots are dating back , these are so far the only ones I were able to retrack down from my extensive collection or achive cd's.

By seeing these you will see that I have been into the whole 3d modeling of worlds for a long time, I had used several other programs back then also, but this one was the best till I joined activeworlds to some extent at the time, compared to today.

Please enjoy my selection here thanks.

Wreck of the RMS Titanic



Another titanic one since at the time I made many assorted sims of the titaninc

Ocean city


I made a few deep water labs this was the better one.

DSC Space Station

Even had the interoir done up abit, I had done a few space stations thois was one of the better ones


Ancient Egyptian city entrance


Stone Henge


Alien Pyramid complex


Other mixed sims


LMS J50 Class Steam engine

One of the Rooms I used to live in years ago


Hope you enjoyed that, what Memories.




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