000 Assorted Graphics through out the years 000

Welcome everyone, on this page you will see below a selection of Computer Graphics,that I have created, and feel that these need to be shared with you all.. Please note that these images since are visible on here to anyone I have had to apply some watermarks as you will see for example., Its for my security since I have had in the past someone try to claim my images were there's when I had a hidden signature embedded in those images. So to take no other chances I have to now apply watermarks. If you somehow feel the urge to comment on these please feel free in contacting me thanks. So far lately I have not created any new digital paintings Etc other than web graphics, however with that said I will soon though be doing some new stuff soon. So watch this site as it evolves into something more special than my old sites. Latest work Here below is the work I created while doing Voluntary work at the Pillar in 2004






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