000 My Contact Methods 000

You may wish to contact me on either of these methods, Primarly my email address.

at stan_the_man13@hotmail.com

If you need to copy to your email system such as an online email like Hotmail, Gmail or Yahoo for example then copy and past the link above. Note only real contacts, no spam or other material to clog my emails thankyou, if you really wish to contact me then thats ok, otherwise I am on a selection of other methods too depending if you have these options availible.

Also one extra note is that if you only want to add me as a number to talk to for only once, then I'm not interested, only true friends I will be interested meaning that you really wish to be friends and let me know in your freind request where you found me and the reason thanks.


Yahoo majikstan_______Note: No longer have this messenger installed
MSN Themodeler_____No longer valid due to microsft and skype merge
ICQ 21737852 ______Note: currently not installed
Skype majikstan27
AW STANLY_______ActiveWorlds


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