000 Design and Construction of the RMS Titanic 000

This page will outline some of the design and construction considerations and the research that I have on this Ship one of my favorite historic ships.

First here is a thought to and a view that as you see this view I did below shows the type of view that one of the closer ships would have seen as they reported that they felt that the Titanic was turning away not understanding the flare codes.

Also as you look at this picture you can think and somehow feel how helpless and though as the ship was huge, but looking at this picture you get the scene of how alone she was on that night.

She was referred by the media to be "Unsinkable due to her design of water tight compartments.

The only ship in range had its radio switched off and the radioman had retired for the night. The "Californian" had a sighting of a ship in the distance with a lot of lights but thought that it had turned around, and was heading away. There was also sighting of a flare though it was thought to be a company flare instead.

A selection of my RMS Titanic book collection

Example of some of the other content I have in my collection

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Some of the Kits and models I have

Academy 1/400 scale ___________________Zhengdefu 1/720 scale

Revell model

Coming soon

Larger constructional model

At one time I had an idea of creating a VR simulation and at the time proposed several ideas on how to create it plus a selection of other drawings relating to the R.M.S. Titanic.



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