000 This will demonstrate several of my best sculptures to show off 000

Here I will show off some of the best sculpture I have created though not that much as such, however I feel that these are the better ones.

However as I never did get a chance to finish them off such as paint them and rephotograph them with my better cam, all due to the reason of losing them while a section of storage shed was being cleared, (I was requested and still am to clear a certain shed bay and during one of those episodes of clearing out the start of the front of the bay I was not at the place at the time as a friend of mine's brother was requested to remove an old cupboard that was at the front which I had almost cleared except for the bottom section and what was in there included an old plastic fridge tray with cover that protected my ceramic sculptures and without checking it was thrown out to the tip, I arrived the following week to find it missing and the cupboard gone already, so with that these following sculptures below I now no longer have anymore when I was very proud of these.)

Anyway here is the collection there were 2 other ones but these are the best ones I felt.


Stone Henge modeled in JB1 Porcelain in 2001

Each of the taller stones is about 10mm tall



D & M Pyramid (Mars Cydonia) JB1 Porcelain in 2001

The 5 sided anomaly




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