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Episode5, of the plan - Celeb Status of today's leaders and the listening to the people.

Hello in this episode I will discuss the issue on the so called celeb status of many of the worlds leaders. But before I begin I first have to update you on another matter I brought up back in episode 1 the "introduction".

If you had seen in my first episode I had mentioned that I had written 2 letters to the Prime minister of Australia with over 8 topics each, and at the time of producing my first video I had not received any reply and this as it seemed was what we would all have thought would in the end happen, even my father had said I did the right thing but given the attitude we had seen of our pm that it was considered that the letters may not be read especially if it contained anything among the contents that related to the carbon tax issue.

Well I like to give you an update, I surprisingly did actually receive a 2 page reply back, not a simple fill in the blanks line, but an actual typed reply.

It mentioned that the 2 letters have been forwarded to 2 different departments for consideration in regards to the topics I had outlined.

This is good news though very surprising news, However it does demonstrate that there appears to be some people that do care about the people, we just hope that something good comes out from this and that some real consideration is put forward to consider those that would be less well off, the true battlers.

So it seems to prove that its not always a waste of time to write to your government, if there is an issue that you wish to be looked at that your concerned about, you just may never know that it may help to write that letter.

Though there are some general rules of common sense when writing a letter to your government or leader to ensure that it could be actually read and not disregarded instead:


Number 1. Must be written calmly, ie not complaining or winging

Number 2. Be polite and courteous, address your leaders by actual title and position.

Number 3. Try to be as professional as you can be, including being polite.

Number 4. In many case try not to be to personal, try the 3rd angle

Number 5. Ensure you do the usual spell checking and proofread it before finalizing it.

Number 6. Be as neat and tidy as you can be.

Number 7. Be truthful in your writing, and supportive.

Number 8. if you can type it up instead of writing it, for clear legitability.

Number 9. underline all topic titles and subtitles, think of reading layout. And Finally

Number 10. post in a standard business size envelope.

When I refer to the 3rd angle I mean in writing in such a way that your not using the "I, me" (personalized to being only effecting you) but write in a way where your addressing the concerns for everybody that you feel is in the same position, you have more of a guarantee that your letter or message may be read.

Another thing to point out and this refers to reverse sociology as they call it, is where by you write about your concern and you know its possible the figure your writing too may be involved with the issue, you write in such away as to say, for example.

"some people seem to think that this person is not that interested in helping, however I am sure that you do care and do want to help and do the right thing"

The above statement may be seen as a denial and maybe a fake trust, but if your letter is read by the one responsible they won't see it as a negative but will realize in themselves where they may be wrong and then change for the good, your not criticizing them directly, you just get them to think and when they realize that or remember back to what they came to office or the position they are and what the reason was originally.

If its government or any related figure like that then, its basically an indirect reminder of why they wanted to be in office in the first place, hopefully to do good and help repair or improve the area for all people, not to be run by the rich.

I know that there will be some leaders in certain countries where you may have to be very careful at what you say, however, it could also mean just a little more thought on how to address your concerns to a level that would not cause trouble towards you, ie in china or Korea, where the peoples will for the freedom of speech has to be very careful with how they word or address anything to there leaders.

But if you can write it in such a way where its all as polite and as professional as you can but does not wine or complain, and instead rather suggests, ideas to help, then who knows, maybe your thoughts may be heard and some consideration for the those concerns be made, otherwise they may just be thrown out since your only one person and as long as you don't de-support them then you most likely won't be hunted and taken to a re-programming camp through disappearance?.

You have to be very careful, I know there are many issues that in China for example has to be said, one of those is the wasteful spending on new cities that no one can afford which end up as has been referred, ghost cities. what a waste, instead of building and supplying to demand, ie helping to tackle the housing shortage for those that are on the lower level of income, and instead building for a level where there is hardly any demand for, a dream level of income that many only see as a dream.

Over supply of unaffordable housing/ apartment blocks, is what in the end results from this. I may go into this more in another episode, but for now lets take a look at leaders in question and how they tend to be in general, and this is not all , but we unfortunately see this in many today, and though there have been others in history, however, part of this can be blamed on the expectations of the media, although in some areas of the world the media itself is owned and controlled by the government, so as to always look there best, without any flaws.

Celeb Status of today's leaders.

Isn't it something that tends to happen many times with, many of these governments that they will campaign so hard to be elected, with all these promises and what appear to be the will to help and do good for the people, but when they get elected, in many of these cases they tend to neglect there said promises, and concentrate more of there energy to promote themselves as a great personality in front of the rich and famous as well as other dignitaries, Which leads to something like a popularity contest, they see it being good to mix with the celebrities and support investor greed. Celebrity status is important to these governments, and they will do almost anything to keep the media at bay, although lately there have been exposures, of such things as bribery and corruption. Though some of these governments also have control of the media so in any case they will have the media on there side, catching there best angles each time, as they hang around the rich and famous. There celebrity status control of greed is more important to them, than actually fulfilling the promises that they had made before when they had been campaigning for office.

Those ideas that they originally had for fixing the country and solving today's problems, just get side stepped and or forgotten, which is a very sad prospect though and this does leave a reputation in being corrupt though corruption of a government can take many forms that could involve bribery, support from crime syndicates and or other unacceptable groups or methods.

But why is it that these governments would rather resort to abandoning the people they campaigned to help and abandon entirely the plan to fix there country, it makes you wonder though what was there real agenda for the need of wanting to be in office! was it celebrity status, being one, among the worlds leaders, and having exclusive access to the celebrities, being essentially above the law of even the police force in some cases, etc?

When a voter goes to the poles to vote for a leader, they expect that there choice will bring out someone that has the will to do good for the people, someone that would rise up with the energy, the drive to improve the public, not just the rich but for everyone, no matter, they expect someone who has a true vision for the country for the people and would respect the traditional heritage! And values of the people.

There is one thing though and its a proven fact for previous leaders if they had been voted in the first place and if a leader, Councilor, prime minister/ President were to do actual good for the people, and did action rather than words and this could be seen as a benefit that the people had approved, then the people would be willing to re-elect the leader in the next election to continue to help, to continue the job of improving and running the country or area for the people, if this were followed then a reelection and remaining in office would ensure, People would then be happy.

Make the people happy and they will keep you in office, its something that many of these leaders seem to forget to realize, and yet is so simple but they tend to forget about the little people, the workers and the poor, they encourage big bonuses for the bosses and give nothing to the lower classes, as the old saying goes, the richer get richer and the poorer get poorer. An example of miss trust for governments can be given as per the Australian federal election of 2010 and the state election for Victoria, each ended with no confidence for any of the candidates , and so the situation arose of a combined government, to run the country, with a panel setup to discuss and work in running the country.

It is one thing with many governments that they tend to believe is that they campaign for the people yet when there in office they only think of them selves more, Governments should in many respects should be thinking more in running the country to the best of there abilities, solve and fix problems as best as they can and not make promises that they cannot keep, and on this note of governments having the power to do good, for there people the reason they were elected to run, also should be the devotion to do what is right, for the people.


Over in the Philippines, most people seem to regard there current government as being corrupt and in fact don't have as much confidence in the government, its even been said by many that the only leader they had that was not corrupt and did good which exposed the corruption that plagued the government departments prior to his office was former Philippine President Sergio Osmena II 1944 - 1946.

He has been regarded by many as having being the best President that they ever had. Sometimes you wonder if a president or a leader did very well and that a current one was loosing the confidence by the people that the current one would then take a look at how and why the one that was liked the most did very well, learn from those accomplishments, of others prior to the current one/'s that were thrown out, should also be a lesson, on how and why not to end up.

Learn from the mistakes of the unsuccessful and build on the lessons of the successful. In essence a way to keep the people happy and truly rid the corruption label while not just running the country but improving it for all citizens, not just for the Rich but help those less well off.


Over in the America, the one that most people regard as their best in the last century was the late President John Fredrick Kennedy (JFK) 1964 - . He believed in freedom and many of the things that we even today still have not achieved or is in fact being eroded by many of today's, rich that have some power and involvement with the government.

One thing has to be said JFK did come from an exclusive high profile family but he did not let that get to him and instead campaigned for everyone, no matter what money value they had.

I may go into the rich vs poor and how the rich see it excusable to sweep the poor under the rug each time, while flashing there money around, but that's not every one, there are a few who are rich, that have made sure that the greed did not get to them, but sadly most have and simply seem to be more self centered for themselves, but I will go into more detail possibly in another segment.

As I was saying JFK did not let that get to him, after he had a trip to Europe before ww2 broke out , for at the time these world trips for a young man were to explore and enjoy different cultures, the sites, like ancient ruins and such destinations, but when he went at the time he witness fascism and other things that normally were shunned from other peoples eyes. This opened his eyes to how the world really was, and his interest to watch and take more notice of the world events, normally hidden from view by even the media.

When ww2 broke out he served in the navy on a PT boat as a commander protecting a set of islands, but there was one situation that arose which brought him even higher in recognition and status for bravery and honor, this did not make him lose sight of his eventual goals, when his PT boat was torpedoed he was left in the situation where his crew of the Pt boat needed to be saved, instead of swimming off and abandoning them, he rescued his crew, dragged them to shore, but once he returned to civilization he was labeled a hero, yet he rejected the label, saying that any man would have done what he did given the same situation.


I don't intend to be telling you his history but as an intro as to the type of character he was and that he never let or accepted any bragging rights as he always saw the people more important than himself, and not only the rich, but his vision was to help all, world peace, and end hunger, give the same rights to all citizens.

Here is another of his lines "(Still to find that line to fit in here) " But there have been others and as I have mentioned the Philippines and the USA, Nelson Mandela was another one that had a vision to break the hunger and help everyone, no exclusions to the rich, equality.

To Be Continued ----Still writing this script.



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