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Hello and welcome to this next episode where I will give you a little insight and , I guess you could say, something to think about, relating to a few of the causes that led us to where we are now today.

So how did this begin you may ask and wonder, well let me say that it derives from many areas, and these would relate to the following listings.

The Favouritzm for cheap imported goods is one of the contenders to this problem, what used to be the support and pride for locally manufactured goods, has now been swept to the side for, cheaper imported goods.

As favouritzm and the preference for imported goods, as there marketed cheaper due to cheaper production overseas, than any locally made products , have made it difficult for local manufactures to compete and remain in business due to this trend!

This has in the end caused job losses and in some cases, the eventual closure of factories and many businesses.

Modernization is another one that has in some aspect added to this problem, now I'm not saying that Modernization of working systems and methods is a bad thing and it is good to keep up to date, however there are some areas that Modernization has in the end creating more job losses, Some of these losses can result from positions being scrapped as these choirs have been taken over and replaced with the more efficient machinery and or computer systems. When some of these positions have been taken over by machines or a process is deemed no longer required it can be also be referred as a restructuring of a business, and therefore can easily be confused as a restructuring, but I will get to that in a moment.

Let me give you something to think about.

If we look back towards the time prior to the 70's, a period that stretched from around the 1920 - 1970s, though that's a broad scope to reflect but that's generally the period where much of the world was living and working better, confidence was high, local production was supported, jobs could be filled very easily even just from walking off the street, on the job training was vital to many of these industries and there was always plenty room for more workers.

Today a big percentage of those jobs have been taken over through what is referred to "progress", by employing machines, and computers, and many systems.

True that in many cases this really is good, but it does though mean there are fewer jobs in the world available if someone cannot afford to attend a course at a university or a tafe collage, as an example. Since today's employers in a variety of fields now request for high specifics from a job seeker, that include Industry experience and hold a high level of qualifications gained through in many cases an expensive course.

No wonder there are many people out there that find it hard to find a job , a prospective employer willing to hold an interview and who is willing to give the applicant a fair "go"

I may get into more about this in another segment, but this is another of the reasons.

A restructuring of a business can help to improve the working systems, but can also in some instances add to this problem if it relates to job losses and this could also result if a company CEO or manager is more greedy for pay rise than supporting there staff.

Company buy offs and take over's can also contribute to this problem, and this can be fueled by a CEO or manager of the buying company more so if they are greedy for a pay rise and have no consideration for the workers.

In the above situation, normally if a company is bought out and taken over in many cases they would then be closed down if the buying company is not interested in keeping it, like crushing a bug, they buy out there opposition then shut them down, more money for the CEO and company managers but no consideration for the prior workers.

Why do they have to do this why can't there be the situation or a business model that if they don't like the opposition, that instead of closing the bought company that they instead, merge the business and retrain the prior staff and incorporate them to manufacture and service the goods of the new company, workers won't be too concerned on which brand or make they work for as long as they still have a job, that is the most important thing.

Another example I should add to the restructuring as they call it, is when a company or service who also is greedy for the pay rise, and don't care much for there workers, may either cut down a department or shift the department overseas, where cheaper workers from an outsourcing company could do the work for a cheaper price, which can mean that and has actually been happening only just recently, such as the layoffs of local workers, in the 100.s .

In one instance and I won't mention who, but one company decided to without prior warning other than just a couple of hours, emailed all there staff in one department and telling them all to pack up there desks and go home since the positions had been moved offshore. And no consideration at all is given to these workers, just CEO and shareholder greed in these cases, and this can happen in companies not doing this to save themselves but by ones that do make a big level of constant profit so its greed.

But one thing about this, is that its not the workers overseas to get angry at, since they are paid so much less than comparable people, else ware and struggle more in those countries since there not treated fairly in those jobs, when some of those companies overseas have actually come from western countries like America in some cases, running in these other lower income countries because they can pay workers less while gaining huge profits from the customer companies they deal with.

My example I illustrated above as an example can relate to call centers, but this can also effect certain other fields as well, depending on a CEO's level of profit greed.

Like I said above, its not the workers of these call centers to get angry at since those people are just trying to hold any job to survive, but the local CEO's of mostly countries of the Western world, concerned with money greed verses the plain workers.

Now I have only mentioned a few here, there are a few other reasons, but some of these may add to the modernization, such as if a business or service has been superseded and is no longer seen as viable for today's economy, and the needs of today to remain in business.

Well that's my third episode of the Plan, hope I may have helped to shed some light to energize some thinking after giving some thoughts in order to recognize the issues and how it may have been caused and possibly on way that it could be solved.



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