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Hello and welcome, in this next video I will begin discussing about , how a change could be brought about and what I feel needs to be done that could bring about confidence.

There are many ways that this could be done, I will mention a few ideas here, and I am sure that many of you may agree and share the same thoughts/ feelings.

In order for a change of recovery, there must be a change in thinking, and a refocus on what is required and needed to solve today's problems for as one would hope for a better tomorrow.

I will quote another line from John F Kennedy, "Our problems are manmade therefore, they can be solved by man. And man can be as big as he wants. No problem of human destiny is beyond human beings."

What this means is that these current problems of today have only derived from us as in human beings and are not caused by nature, there are methods and ways to solve these problems, we have that capacity to solve them, if the right minds with the right goals are put forth to help achieve a goal of recovery, but it must also be stressed that , this recovery effort should not in any way disadvantage the less well off and the more vulnerable.

Ok lets take a look at the path of history and try to compare and recognize how and when some of this began, for it to have ended up as it has today.

We have not always been in this situation and it has arisen through several areas, and there was a time that we as a people were living much better and a lot more well-off, however this soon changed when such things as money greed, and competition takeovers with the purchasing and buying of international assets and the push of or encouragement for cheaper goods imported in, made from elsewhere., I will get into more of this later, but for now lets take a look at an example, as per the Detroit America example.

Detroit USA was for a time a very profitable city. Its primary industries were the production of Steel and was Americas Automotive industry giant, it paved the way for what was seen as a better life for the Americans, and did for some time give a sense of pride, it is just one example, I know some people will turn there heads at the idea of protectiozsm as its called but it was what helped keep a steady flow of money and resources, with an always ready supply of work and supported local jobs, as money was being saved in the country and was used on local resources, services which then benefited the growth of the country and its people !

This was the way it was for the rest of the world back then. too.

Now lets take a look at what Detroit is now!

What once was the proud supplier and producer of the American dream as it was, with many large industries, that once employed many 1000's of workers, has fallen and lost most of its grace, today Detroit with its many empty office towers, crumbling forgotten landmarks has become in a large part a ghost town / city, This is a city and its now been regarded by many to be a ghost town, with many of its buildings even many of its high rise skyscrapers have been abandoned and left to decay, as many of its factories have closed and been left abandoned, including many of its once graceful churches and landmarks have been falling down.

There are only a few businesses that are still thriving, but not as well as they had once been, back in there heydays.

Many of Detroit's people are homeless and occupy sections of abandoned buildings, including former office skyscrapers.

You would see this all over the country, many of these once thriving industries now abandoned and laid to waste, this includes some of the larger luxury hotels that once had world fame have now been abandoned and slowly rot away as nature gradually takes over.

For another example, one should not look past Harvey Illinois USA where the old abandoned Dixie Square Mall, made famous by the blues brothers movie and the most famous of the abandoned malls, standing another 30 years longer closed, than it had been open, in fact the whole area is a real sad story with a set of apartment blocks only just opposite, that are in an appalling condition, neglected, stripped and abandoned.

I must add something here in relation to the former Dixie Square Mall, as currently as I write this, the former mall is now in the final stages of demolition with most of the last remaining sections of the anchor store JC Pennys already gone, and soon to be just a memory.

These problems don't only effect America, and the problem is quite world wide but is a very sad problem that can be turned around to some degree, I know that it is possible, it can be done.


For the USA, this trend began about 30 years ago, while in the UK it has only been for the last 10 years, over in the Philippines this has been around for quite some time at least from the 1970's but not to the same degree, rather it related to other issues which I will go into in another video about.

In Australia, we have only scrapped the surface and its only beginning to effect us, but this can all be turned around.

Well that's my second episode of the Plan, hope I may have helped to energize some thinking after giving some thoughts to recognizing the issues and how it may have been caused, and how its currently effecting us.




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