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This page contains the transcript and slides relating to my first video of this series I posted onto YouTube.

Hello and welcome to my first of what may be many videos on the issues and events in this world and how we may approach with possible ideas and solutions to start in order to overcome these problems.

I am no expert on any field based on these issues yet I do have and feel that I have ideas and maybe some concepts that could help to inspire the right people with the resources and the network contacts to make some use of what I see that needs to be looked at.

I will be producing these videos in here like this first introductionary one, from inside Activeworlds.

What better concept than to utilize the basis as a studio with all the architecture and objects available, however I will not be going into this in detail, as the main purpose of these videos is for these discussions and the hope of inspiring those that can begin to solve these, as much as I wish I could.

I do not have the funds nor the network contacts that would help, however I at this stage can at least formulate ideas and concepts, in the hope to gain more contacts that may agree, who could actually help me, otherwise I hope to get people to start thinking of ideas as well of there own.


Think of it as a brainstorm of ideas or a think-tank however that is something that I would like to get too that point which I'm feeling that it may soon, if I gain anyone else that wishes to discuss about this.

I am from no organization and am just one voice, I have written to our prime minister of Australia, yet it appears that my documents may have not been read, there is the case I may do a segment that may feature some of the content of the topics that I covered.


I know there are many more people out there that have been feeling the same way and want to help if only there were some way, but it seems that these days the best way to get your views and your voice out there, is through various online media like YouTube and Facebook to begin with.

I initially were not interested in Politics, however lately it's been getting to the point that I have to take notice!

What I will say is based on the many random thoughts and ideas, concepts that I have been having, I only hope that by making these videos that I may achieve some consideration for action and hopefully get you thinking of ways that would, could benefit the world for no matter what part of the world.

it is time to take , action if you have a thought or a concept and you feel and can see a need that would help and you have those resources to make it happen, then the time is now to start putting it into practice, like J.F Kennedy had said in one of his quotes, "The time to repair the roof is when the sun is shining" in other words the time is now to take that positive step, if you feel that you are capable of doing something to begin that process then , do what you can.

For me to be making these videos, I may not have those resources even though I have had many day-dreams in the past where I have seen myself meeting and talking to industry leaders and builders etc, even seen myself on some of the concept building sites, is this a vision of a future, they have been very clear and there seem to be a path and something inside me keeps pushing me to do things that I would have normally not have imagined doing over a year ago, such as this video and the many more that I have planed to do soon

Why am I doing this and why me? you may ask, well I have to admit that I have asked that question myself, but the answer I don't know and I have these feelings that I just cannot sweep away, and with the many ideas and concepts many of which I can see the need and possibility in helping those in need or to help recover.

If I just disregard those thoughts, then no one else will have the same thoughts to help, so I figure that its best if I get these ideas out there into the world, where hopefully someone who may find these ideas an inspiration, either to follow through or base their own version, depending on what the idea is.

Also if ideas can be shared and the right person or group of people who also share the same feeling , that may have the resources can begin to put it into action. now for my little disclaimer again.

"The Content, ideas and concepts that will be shown in this series of videos are for in no way to degrade, dismiss or offend anyone in any shape or form, the information, ideas and concepts have been addressed for the main purpose of outlining and hopefully to inspire the right person/ people with the same willingness and desire to help, and may have the resources to put into practice any ideas or concepts that could truly benefit the people and the country, this would also include improving their identity, the confidence and respect for their heritage.

If there is anything here, you feel that should and you feel that you may have the ability and the resources to see the implementation of any of these ideas in a way that you see would benefit and would be interested in contacting me about, please contact me.

If it relates to any of the renders or concept designs and resembles close to what I have illustrated, please let me know, thank you.


There are topics that may need to be split apart and or may require many more sub-topics to cover it, there will be not be one instant solution for everything covered but if you don't begin then it won't happen.

what I see is a step by step approach being taken through many of these, I know that its possible, if only the right people with the right means could help to make that difference.

And that just about sums the first of this series, please if you have an idea that you think could help or have a way to help me, start to make this difference , then please contact me.

You may also leave a comment if you like, thankyou.


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