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Hello and welcome, this section will detail some of the ideas / views and thoughts that I have from time to time, it will involve many assorted topics. topics that I had to compile into this category, being no other category that would fit the rest of the site, these are the other thoughts pages.

This section will be added from time to time.

A little Disclamer (Please read First)

The content on this page and the following pages for this section labled Random Thoughts, will contain views, concepts and ideas that were not meant to offend or be off putting, but rather to present some of the ideas and views that many other people I am sure may have, however, my reasons to illustrate here and present these ideas, are in the hope to encourage someone that may have the resources, networking, that would share the same willingness to help improve where would be required.

Other views are just random thoughts, that I feel I would like to share, again, nothing to dismiss or degrade other feelings, more of random thoughts.

I respect all views, no matter, and we are all diferent, and so share different views, these are just friendly thoughts, some could lead to discussions and the willingness to help the world, one step at a time, in some cases.

These are only random , thoughts, just plain ideas that, some may not mean anything, while others may prove helpful.

If anything below inspires you on anything good or you feel could mean something very good and you wish to contact me on, please do, as per the link below.

I do hope that maybe something of this on this page may inspire some on some good ideas or get you thinking about certain ideas, I am open to many ideas.


I have seperated some of these to there own set of pages, and some may slightly repeat alittle, since some topics may be shared not to just one area, but might involve other areas, this relates more to topics that could be world wide.

Topics that relate to the Philippines - Click here

Topics that relate to Australia - Click here

New Section: Script transcripts for the Plan series of videos discussing possible ways to help in world recovery, Videos being published to YouTube.

Ep1: "Intro" - Video Posted on YouTube

Ep2: "Recognizing the Problem's"

Ep3: "Some of the causes for the break down in the economy"

Ep4: "Example job losses due to Modernization"

Ep5: "Celeb Status of today's Leaders and listening to the people"


All others topics are below, some may overlap between the pages.

Overcrowded, jobless and no respect, Government Celebrity / status and greed for popularity, Ancient history and where evidence of the ancient technology

Overcrowded, jobless and no respect. (Other)

Currently being re-written Check back soon !

Government Celebrity / status and greed for popularity

Currently being re-written Check back soon !


Ancient history and where evidence of the ancient technology

Currently being re-written Check back soon !





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