000 Other Mixed Crafts I have been into and have done in the past 000


This page will explain and showcase some of the other mixed crafts and other accomplishments I have completed in the past, most will be assorted Crafts.

Matchstick and Paddlepop crafts

2 Craft vases made of paddle pop sticks, One is Hexagonal and the other is Square.



2 Meter long Spanner Model used as a window sign

This was a Commission several years ago for a friend that owns a mechanic shop and requested me to build a Spanner 2 meters in scales, based on a 300mm rusty sample that had "Snail brand" stamped on it.

This spanner was to be used as a sign to display in the window and would have the name of the store sprayed in the center of it. As the front was the only important side to see and without adding more weight to it it was decided to just have the impression on one side leaving the back nearly blank, but with rounded edges, since have the experience of being a former architectural modelmaker it had a construction similar in how we used to build the bases, all that time ago.

For the Photos, to protect the shop owner, I have photoshoped the dark blue name that I had masked onto it, and that is all.

It was constructed from Pine battens and MDF board, then plastibonded certain details, primed in white, light sanded between coats then spray painted in Silver Enamel Paint,, lettering was stenciled on with Dark Blue Enamel


Pine Coffee Table Built back in High School for year 9 woodwork, about 18 years ago.

I designed it with several features at the time and applied gloss over 4 times to gain a perfect smooth finish that also would protect the design since the design was created with a mixture of chalk powder and wood glue if I recall back then.

The top could be disassembled from the 4 legs and the sliding shelf, for storage if need be.

The marks you note are from the dried up sticky faces of the masking tape that had to secure the shelf when I had made a move interstate, however the table was then stored for many years in storage with the tape still on it at the time, and so is a little difficult removing the old dried gum that separated from the tape itself.



This section below may not be easy to define as crafts but still It shows some other handiwork I did at times, and part though miss being able to do these days.

Tiling of floors was another of those things that at one time I had done a few of, this one below was not entirely done by me however so there was help, however we did a great job otherwise, it was easy to do, it was decided to mix several different types to give it a slight pattern, two of the walls around it though I did have to rebuild from scratch as they were badly constructed and had nothing much holding them in place.

Tiled Floor example


Built in Robes

Designed and built in a open shed for a small room at one time, I first produced a custom cutting list with all the sizes calculated so I could keep working on it till it was finished, it was designed in several modules that could even allow it to stand up in the middle of no where, it was designed so that once the sections were in the room they could easily be slotted together in place with a rubber mallet, then have its trims fitted, it was one of my proud achievements at the time, the doors though were of something that did not fit entirely due to the defined design of them and as they cost abit, we just had to make do with them not fitting flat, as the robe was designed to fit the actual dimensions between doorway and other wall.


As other Crafts are rediscovered I may add more to this section.

A note due to my current living situation and what's happening over here, many of these crafts I have had to put on hold for the time being, in the hope that I may in future be able to do them again, until then I have no idea when that may be.



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