000 This section will mostly center around model kit construction and there reviews based on my experience

I will give a little bit of a review of certain scale models that I have or either are still working on these will mainly be of kits, they will have the assorted flaws and workarounds I had to achieve to get through, this will also display some of the kit based models that I have assembled or are assembling.

And comments are welcome if you wish.

La Flore

This was a model kit labeled as the Flying Dutchman Ghost Ship, it was marketed through Linberg scale models.

Now several interesting aspects about this kit first emerge, the box art is nothing of any real vessel type the kit is as first examined a very detailed and well designed model which does not appear to be of a fantasy ship and resembles a vessel around 1780's, it appears probably more British, French sort of style and has a simple oval crest on its stern.

Examining the sprue trees and you find there are several name plates for the stand Flying Dutchman and Jolly Rogers.

My curiosity got he better of me as I felt that this seemed rather fishy for the model ship that this kit was based really appeared to be of an actual ship, and I know for a fact that the flying Dutchman was another type of ship from much earlier about 2 centuries earlier and was a galleon, so this seamed a bit usual then there was the crest it seamed more French in its styling and I even have seen the exact same crest on the front of a building in the city over here though the building now serves as a shopping arcade, so what would the origins be of that building or associated company.

After some searching on the net I finally discovered the true origins of the ship in this kit and that this was not the only kit that Lindberg were remarketing as another name each.

This vessel is actually the La Flore which is the same vessel that is displayed at the George Washington library as I have read and seen the pictures of the model, it came from France as a gift to the US.

So now I found out the origins of the ship I then set to work on building this kit.

I found many pinholes and lugs that had to be filed and filled and relating to the fitting it has been ok other than the first cannon sets are abit out compared to the portholes they pushed the deck for one too much back and set all the guns out of alignment so I removed and refitted the two forward guns once the hull had been assembled.

The basic model is very well engineered other than those 2 cannon carriages, otherwise she's a beautiful vessel once carefully painted, here are the photos to show some of the progress and the beauty of the vessel.


More will come soon

HMS Victory

(Admiral Lord Nelson's flagship of the battle of trafalger 1805)

This kit produced by Revel, initially appeared to be well detailed and modeled, however I had a few issues through out this one, which included problems about the Poop deck resting too high up would not engage into place, and the rigging methods were out a fairbit that I began wondering if Revel had even tested one of these kits from the dyes.

This was assembled many years ago and so I had not really photographed the construction due to not having a good enough camera at the time as it was a simple instermatic.

The model did receive some slight damage during a move over 10 years ago, and so far has not been repaired completely due to a part being missing for the moment.


These photos were taken during a major cleaning session of the model.

Don't the ones taken through the container with low light look convincing to be from moment during battle with all the smoke look while sitting in soapy water.



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