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This page will detail several of my projects that I have either completed a working version to some degree or projects that I had to in the end put on hold for example.

I do understand exactly the true basics of level design, 3d modeling for low polly and the idea of creating full detail textures for a lower version model etc.

This project I have put on hold for the moment due to having to teach myself how to model a human figure as a game


This was for a game demo I was buillding relating to a factory being taken over after a machine malfunctions causing a vortex.



Nundah Historical Districts Society photo gallery CD (Never Completed unfortunately)

This was for a photo gallery that would compare before and after restoration work on photos restored during a volunteer project





Australian Estates Company Limited building (Former)

This one was a recreation of a certain building a reason where it was suppose to help me in gaining employment at the time, this is a walkaround simulation


Ryde Shed


Wakefield Railway Shed 1962


Some of the 3D models I modeled and textured for "3D Game Studio" projects that I were working on at the time.




Older references to Game development as in my old skills of Level Editing

Many years ago I used tocreate my own game levals for several popular games for myself and for my father to enjoy playing, this was the start of my skills in level developement.

Examples below show game levels I created for Doom2 and Quake.


A Stargate inspired mod

Consisted of 3 levels at the time, sgc, Canda, mothership



Doom 2

Comprised of a 7level wad mod, my old home, the cliff and caves, castle, water tunnels,the lost city, the dam and northcote shopping center.







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