000 On this page I will try to explain and display some of the work I had worked on as a Architectural Modelmaker, over 12 years ago 000

As a Architectural modelmaker I worked on many assorted projects, I worked for 4 years in a small architectural modelmaking firm down in Melbourne Victoria, between 1994 - 1999.

This page will show several examples of some of the Models I had worked on, in some cases I built the whole model but in many cases it was a team effort, since many were large scale projects that may not have only concentrated on one building but may have been of a set of buildings with usually one as the main focus.

Grollo's Melbourne Tower

This model stands over 1 meter tall and has over 60 strands of fibre optics through it. The glazing material actually shines different colours when viewed from different angles; we had to have glazing sheets coated by a special coating firm. Model contains every floor and some sections are masked off to allow lighting through certain areas on certain floors. I was in charge of mostly the base on this project, which consisted of several block buildings and all the trees, and the base as well. On the tower I helped with some upper supports.

ANZ Bank Tower Melbourne

The pictures above show the base and the lower buildings. I constructed the bases and the corner building plus a tall block building that is hard to see in the views here I worked on various fittings on the tower. We constructed two of these, Concidering that there was another made earlier.

Crown Casino Model at 1:500 scale superimposed into a photo of the south bank precinct Melbourne Australia.

Actually there were several models constructed of this with many versions, most changes happened with the hotel tower. The photo above reflects a design similar to what it ended up as. I worked on a bit of this one.

One thing though, to represent the Polly Woodside, in most of these models feature a kindy surprise pirate ship glued in place to represent where the Polly Woodside was, only one base actually recieved a more proper representaion of the Polly woodside that I worked on, even the old yellow Peral a sculpture that many wished would with all the moving of it that it would move into the Yarra River which was another one I modeled however it was glued upside down as it somehow was decided by my superviser that it looked better upside down. How is that!

Australia Post Mail Sorting Centre

I constructed two identical models of this project with only some slight help at the end in order to complete it on time for the clients. Before these two there had been another one that was constructed several years earlier. I worked overtime and 2 Saturday’s in order to get it finished on time. These models were split up on two bases, which looked perfectly when slid into place.

Included these yellow forklifts aswell as per the 3D Render I have here for an example

City Square Revamp Melbourne Australia.

In this one I constructed many of the fittings plus the trees Even made the basic W class tram block models as per this example 3D rendered below as I have recreated recently

These did though tend to be pinched from the models while they were on display and we found out it were not just kids but even 70 year old's were pinching them from the bases, they were super glued though.

Epping Hospital

This was one of the many hospital models that we made. In this one I constructed a block model of it, which then soon was replaced with a detailed one with some changes as well, the model is at 1:500 scale I also constructed the base as well and painted and fitted out the base with trees and cars etc,

This here is one such car though these were done for several scales, this is a 3D Render I did recently of how they used to look

Mount Bulla

Here are two views of the 1:250 scale mount bulla model that we had to construct, this model bounded back and forth for a while, with certain changes plus an additional base as this model was divided initially into 5 separate bases. We also did a 1:1200 scale of the entire Mountain with all the buildings which I had constructed, several actually had to receive roofs since the client requested them even though the pitches of them were really too small, so we exaggerated slightly.

Here is a Shopping Market (Location and name has been lost)

This is the only photo I had taken at the time and as my camera was a basic Instimatic that did not like the lighting conditions in the workshop though not that dark however but not enough for the cam it seems though.

The rule was generally that no photos allowed since we did not design these buildings.

And thats it from Memory lane as you could call that.



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