000 Animation assorted 000

This page will attempt to display many assorted examples of animation that I have done and will in time be added from time to time as newer works are created and published.

Note some bigger ones due to this site having a limit of 1 meg per file I may have to link back to youtube, any larger videos of animation I have created.

The continuos walking robot1

This one was one that I created back in Tafe many years ago while I was participating in the "Diploma of Multimedia"

This first began with a complete storyboard of the character and its movements.

I felt even though its a simple animation I did complete it and do a fair bit work and planning so I felt that I should exhibit it here, it was a flash animation however due to the size restrictions of files I can not upload it on here 760kbs is still too big for the 500kbs file size limit allowed per file on here, so I can only show you one screen shot of it.

I forgot about my quirky signage in there.

EKG Signal at 65 BPM (Beats Per Minute)

A very simple design though did involve some planning to recreate the same way a traditional EKG Signal displays

and a small Heart hehe

There will be more to add, some have to be converted as such first

Stay tuned

Other areas relating to animation I have produced:

Stargate inspired animation shorts

Stop motion of a runner-way tank running characters over, was a silly test I did once when testing to create a stop motion video



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