000 Building the old 2009 AWGate for Alphaworld000

This will detail the construction and features of a gate that was and how it could be once again, with the additions, as featured.

For a first entrance a gateway to the rest of what's on offer, you have to have something exciting, fun, something that encourages the user to move around and explore, and a gateway or entrance needs to have for a first time user, instructions as to how to move, navigate and ultimately how to fly.

Anyone thats been in Activeworlds for a few years would recognise the style of the old gate and may hold many lasting memorys for the former place of entry for all of Activeworlds. A design that remained in use for many years, and was very succesful at bringing and holding onto new users.

For this as many people have spoken on how much they miss the old gate compared to the current new modern one, well there is one thing though that it seems that much talk has been made about missing the gate, but nothing has been thought of as much as an idea to why not re-create it in a public world, such as Alphaworld, I have decided to take on this major project, note mine is not perfectly to scale in fact its alittle larger in area from what the old AWgate was.

Globe and Entry and Forest



Visitor Center and demo of basic sets of commands that are availible


1. "Commands" interactive display console NEW

2. Trampoline NEW

Time and News


1. Contains time zone conversion maps NEW

2. A set of 9 mixed Nationality flags NEW

3. Clock has been improved visually

Navigation Center NEW


1. New center for basic navigation controls. (PC and Laptops explained.)NEW

2. 3 test flying rings at back for flight skill practice.NEW

3. Tower telescopic binocular are on upper floor, no ladder access, to force you to test your flying skills as an award.NEW

Navigation Trainer NEW

Teaches interactively the keys and awards each result (PC and Laptops explained.)


Driverble car movers NEW

Based on the 100 year old Steam cars, which you can drive.


Japanese House



Chinese Pagoda NEW

Creates a more sensible link to the Great wall





Chat HutsNEW

1. Conceals chat, can seat up to 4 friends, in each hut

2. Includes a group camera for group photos


Steam Powered out-house NEW

A fun example of some of the things that can be done, and to show you don't always have to be serious.

1. Flush the toilet watch the piston and flywheel spinP

2. Filling water basin

3. You can sit on the Toilet


Mini Theme Park NEW

Example of the type of fun that can be had and how this all can be done even in old Alphaworld

1. Roller Coaster, sends you up high then as it stops at the top, its free fall back and around, backwards back t the starting point.


Build Ideas Kiosk NEW

Here a collection of ideas to help get the mind thinking for the creative juices and demonstrate the posibilities that can be done, Just about anything can be built.

1. includes cookies and mangos you can click on


Commercial Office Display examples

Examples of the type of Commercial uses that can still be done in here if you cannot afford your own world or just want a office only to have as a gallery, though if you want to go more professional then you can purchase your own world if you like, otherwise this illustrates that its posible still to create comparable stuff in a public world such as Alphaworld.


Dance hut NEW

Includes a dance machine, curtasy of a very well known member in Activeworlds.

1. Includes 2 dance movers per dance or you can use the dances as per the aw interface, since the dances n this machine have been matched to the main dance lineup in Alphawrld.



Internal Build teleports dome portal of 1400 teleports! NEW

Organised by two very well known members, the Dome is a portal entryway to a large categorised teleport center.

Enjoy exploring.


Shipwreck NEW

The main basis is as the story goes the ship was wrecked when it ran aground over a submerged section of the great wall since it extended even into the water in the old gate.

The ship was to be named as the Potagonist, devoted to one of the late founders of Activeworlds.


The Great Wall Updated

Based on the Great Wall of China, this was origanaly in the old gate a smaller wall with a little ladder at one point, the wall had little towers, very simple, but the way it was setup it became known as the Great Wall, in this version its been designed to replicate the actual Great wall of China with some details omitted to cut what is known as lag in the main area.


Beach near the large waterfall Updated

Enlarged or extended over, the waterfall has been improved abit and includes a small cave near by and a place to relax.


1. Enlarged Beach with beach chairs

Cave added can conceal chat in side with a small camp fire inside a cavern, peopl can sit on the rocks surounding the fire and speak in private. New

2. Beach seats for relaxing in the sun New




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