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This Section will detail some of the Virtual Construction projects I have been building in Active Worlds that Anyone that has Activeworlds installed can visit. Please note this is a new section and the page layout is under construction, and will not be the final design. I begin this page with The Tower project I have been building that relates to the style of this website, of course the Tower is better to visit than by just viewing these screenshots. Like they say Rome was not built in a day, well the structure of the tower was all up in only a couple of days, I am still fitting out the complex. One thing must be said that as this virtual world does have something known as a building inspector so there are limits however there are also some ways to work around them within reason, though as I would have liked to build the tower as tall as my 3d renders, I had to stop at 10 floors in case the building inspector limit stopped me from furnishing even my virtual Apartment, top floor. These are from the world: Alphaworld this world is the oldest and the biggest in the activeworlds Galaxy.

For an explanation on what is this Activeworlds I have abit of an explanation here

A new addition aswell as the many assorted builds I do as per below with objects, I am also a 3D Modeler and now have begun creating many different ranges, and some sets are available for certain members.

Please see this page for the latest models and sets I have produced for activeworlds, thanks.

America World

"Intramuros" ( Old Manila, Philippines)

The historic recreation of the old Spanish Walled city of Intramuros as it was before WW2 when it was referred to as the "Jewel of the Orient". Based loosely about 1920's, featuring several other structures before earthquakes took them down as well.

This information or research has derived from many hours filtering through assorted photos and other info from online.

Bringing the old Jewel back to life virtually.






Other related Philippine builds in the area.


Casa Tribunal 1899, Malolos, Philippines

A reconstruction of this historic Casa as it was in 1899 and part of the surounding area, and how the interioir may have looked like. References came from a couple of photos from its time and photos of the burnt out ruins today after the remains had a fire in 2002, photo refernces were sourced on the net.




Interactive Council Chambers



This setup is for the purpose of a set as well as a place to meet and have actual worldly discussions as well as to use for creating films on certain topics discussed on set.

It boasts many interactive features and serves as an example to show another way AW can be used for.

Rebuild in Activeworlds of "Dixie Square Mall" from the IL, USA, the same mall that the Blues Brothers movie had smashed during the car chase sequence, the mall still stands 30 years later.




My recreation is based on how it was generally when it was in its last years, though the Wonderfall for the Woolworths court might be recreated replacing the later concrete triangles, fitted in the 1970 renovation

The mall was open from 1966 - 1978 / 1979, (two other stores with external entrances remained open longer, closing in 1979)

The actual mall in Harvey Il USA was Demolished in june2012

Damortis Railway Station (Former)


With Dagapan a 100 year old steam engine passing by.


Old Paco Railway Station from Manila Philippines (Reconstruction)




A reconstruction of the Old Railway Station called Paco that is over 100 years old, older than the Manila Townhall, was nearly demolished in 1996 by a developer that had begun constructing a Mall next to it.

The building was saved to a point, however is still in a battle to be saved and currently the "Railway, Industrial and Historic Society of the Philippines" (RIHSPI) is trying to raise enough funds to purchase the site and restore the building to its old former glory and utilise it as a museum.

Paolo casa ruins, Far North west of Manila


Built as part of my Alphatrumuros walled city.

Philippine Mango farm and house





A type of Philippine ancestral house that could have been been built , this example, reflects typical architecture

Some Other Philippine inspired architecture

IfugaoYakan18th century Tisa_2

Balay from Ormoc CityBahay Kubo_ _

2 Ancient designs and an 18th century Tisa

Yap Sandiego Ancestral house from Cebu Philippines

The oldest Chinese house outside of China is located in Cebu city in the Philippines its over 330 years old

18th century Bahay Na Bato


18th century Bahay Na Bato(with slight renovation)

Old Church Ruins, based on a type of ruins of 100 years old.


Hotel Room from Cebu Philippines


Recreation of the hotel room I had once stayed in for 1 week in Cebu, Philippines in 2010, as constructed with Alpha objects and textures.

Main Underground base



Abandoned Surface Airforce base - abandened or is it?


Something different, something more like Urban Exploring.

Main Teleport center and catacombs

Teleports to all the builds I have done in Activeworlds, but includes many more sections areas to explore, ancient lost bases, interactive anatomy, interfaces,going deep, but how deep in the extensive tunnel system of caves and caverns down there, right under Alphaworlds surface, there is a surface entry too.





Other specialised builds in Alphaworld


Note theses are not models they are constructed from Alphaworld objects, utilising scale and texture/masks as an example





Loosly based on the ancient Spanish walled city "Intrumuros" in Manila

"The Ruins" from Talisay, Negros Occidental, Philippines





This is a site that has been turned into a tourist attraction and is open for wedening receptions and much more, it is still owned by the Lacsan family and was built in 1923 by a suger barron, was burnt by the us armed forces during ww2 to stop it being used by the Japanes as a headquarters, its a beautifull structure and what you see here is what is left of it, being built of concrete with heavy steal bars imbedded., I have been faithfully trying to reconstruct the entire site as it is as per the objects and textures that are in Alphaworld, working around cell restrictions, which have been a battle to get around, but its getting there, enjoy these screenshots, hope to one day be able to visit it someday in the future.

This is a work in progress as there is still alot more to add, hope to finish it soon though







Currently under construction in my first main area

My new Classic Mansion




My Clasic Mansion gets a complete facelift that it had been crying out for for awhile as the one in air on the mountain was just not evolving the way I wanted it to be, Architecture resembles some of the styles from the Phillippines as per the older Family homes.

A house I devoted to a friend in the Philippines


The design of this house takes several ideas from typical modern filipino house designs

Appartment / Hardware Store



As there are many object yards around in activeworlds, I decided to build myself one as if it were a large hardware and appartment store

New Stanly Airport (New Bacolod-Silay Airport)



This is a reconstruction in activeworlds of an airport that I was to be unless someething happens arrive at, near Silay, Negros Occidental, Philippines, for my purposes of the reconstruction I renamed it as per my 2nd main area as per Stanly, the closest town to it.

Toulumne Ridge


A forgotten old disused rail station with a rail depot near by, also lost and forgotten, as you can see some parts are falling apart it has seen better days as such

DSC Tower Located in Pippinville

_1_2_3_4_5_6 _7_8 _9101112

A modern Mansion I had been building also in Pippinville only 3 blocks away from the tower Which also includes a helicopter, private tennis court, large entertainment area and pool etc.

_1_2_3_4_5 _6_7_8_910

The home know as the former "loveshack" a design that was devoted to my previouse love, Located in "Cooperville" yes in my own extensive area.


I still have to obtain more screenshots for this place as I complete further sections and including other builds which I have made many. Just so you know, my very first building I built in activeworlds was over 10 years ago and still around as I have decided to keep it as its now apart of history otherwise most of the surrounding buildings and structures are being updated or replaced with better builds.. Enjoy the screenshots.

Farm1 in "Stanly"

Sheering shed and housing

DSConstructions (Activeworlds)

Head office construction of my spreading virtual building company .

Stanly Cathedral


Volcano on resort island?


Monorail station in Toulumne

Airship hnger with a airship you can pilot



AWREUNION 2012 images themed island camping this year so I built one Philippine style.


Here I will feature some of the builds I have been adding there, I only have begun to build in Winter world recently from july 2009

First off is a competition build I worked on in July 2009 and came 3rd, I was part of a team of two however as my partner had already won before the prizes in other builds I was left alone to build the majority, so I could show off my skills.

Part of the competition involved the construction of at least 2 working rides, such as my rollercoaster and the merry go round, though I have also a tricky maze too with some secret rotating walls.

Enjoy these screenshots below.



And the awards were given, these 2 screenshots below I did not create the bigtop however this is where the awards ceromony took place.


I won "3rd" place

Here is another of my personal projects in winter, its of a typcal type of explorer vessel thats stuck in ice.



Here will be some of the views of my Mars Base, which may again change design.




Another lost world from 2009 that no longer exists sadly

It was a land of Fairys, Unicorns and other mythological creatures, my contribution was a few overgrown ruins and

a stone circle with Unicorns.



This world as of August no longer exists unfortunately

I had been as well modeling my own custom models, here are a selection, not many actually got to the stage of texturing though, if that will be in future I have no clue.



I have two ships modeled aswell, Egyptian Sun boat, Philippine Balangay

My Atlantis


History , this is my old screenshots from early times in ActiveWorlds



Special Project "Alpha-AWGATE"

This one relates to a project to recreate the old AW Gateway as it was back in 2009, with many additional features as per todays, functions and features, utilising the old map of the AWGATE, and developing areas that could have been included, Click here fore more info


Stay tuned for more examples.



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