Please feel free to browse through as much as you like of my extensive site.

It must be noted also that This site like any other artist/ designer sights are never quite complete there will be updates from time to time, featuring new work or even if it warrants it, more sections, since I am a man of many interests and talents, which as you start to go through my site you will soon realize that there is allot under my sleeve, would that be a better choice of words.

As like many profile sites I have a profile of some sort on, I have always recommended for people to ask me relating to my interests since as I have stated in those profiles and I will state here, I have over 1000 interests, so you never know if you don't ask me that I may in fact have an interest or at least a few that you may share also.

I am a man of character, I believe in reputations and respect. I respect everyone's views or interests provided that they respect me as I am as well.

I don't mind chatting (Communicating) with anyone that would wish to speak to me, I don't bite, so if you are interested in talking, chatting, relating to any interests that you feel that I may also be interested in, please don't hesitate on contacting me.

For a further explanation on some of my other interests please click here to my "Other interests" page


The details below reflect on the current skill set and the range of knowlage that I have in many aspects, much of which has been gained through experience and from my own research, I don't hold that many qualifications though, and so many of my other skills, may in many cases may not apply in established qualifictions.

--------------------------------------------------Diploma of Multimedia------------------------------------------------------

Courses Included:

Multimedia Video - Sound and Virtual Reality - Multimedia Design - Multimedia Mechanics - Multimedia 2D Animation - Multimedia 3D Animation - Multimedia Image Acquisition - Multimedia Image Manipulation - Multimedia Authoring

------------------------------------------Certificate II of Buissness Administration--------------------------------------------

Courses Included:

Communicate in the workplace - Create and Use Simple Spreadsheets - Deliver a Service to Customers -Develop Keyboard Skills - Handle Mail - Produce Business Documents - Operate a Personal Computer - Participate in Workplace Safety Procedures - Prepare and Process Financial/Business Documents - Process and Maintain Workplace Information - Produce Simple Word Processed Documents - Provide Information to Clients - Work Effectively with Others

Professional Skills:---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Architectural modelmaking - Graphic artist - 3D designer - Cad drafting - 3D Modeling - PhotoShop - Photo Restoration - 2D Animation - 3D Animation - Conceptual design - Sketching - 3D Studio Max - 3D Rendering - TurboCad - Read and Understand Drawings and Plans - 3D Reconstruction

___Other Skills:--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

General Modelmaking - Lathe Machinist - Carpentury - Concreting - Tiling - Plumbing - Basic Electrical - Electronic cable production ( including audio and video cables) - Brick laying - Air conditioner instalation - Sheet Metal Roofing - House painting - Interior decorating - Basic Health and safety knowlage and understanding on approved processes - Standard basic Restoration work - Gardening - Hedge trimming - landscaping - Treatment for white ants and replacement of timberwork - plastering - General maintinance - Model Ship building - Virtual Reality - Historic Research - Sound Editing - Sound Recording - Video Editing - Knowlage on film making and production - Knowlage on animation processes - Games developement - Knowlage on Architectural construction design - Knowlage on basic building construction and some standards involved - etc.

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Other Portfolio websites.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------





Work History and Experience:--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

3D Modeller, Cad Drafter, Photoshop Artist and 3D Renderer

Natural Ideas, Alumi-tech Dates Employed Oct 2005 Oct 2017

Location Brisbane, Australia

My role in this was for the purposes of 3D modelling Commercial Office Furniture and Screen Partition Systems and layouts, for client approvals and marketing purposes. Other areas in this position involved the use of Cad software to generate and to design component to layout drawings, Photoshop for cleanup of images and preparation of texture assets. Images resulted in photo-realistic quality, suitable for website and market brochures.

Oct 2005 Jul 2007--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

CNC G-code Programmer.- till 2007

Natural Ideas Dates Employed Oct 2005 Jul 2007

Location Brisbane, Australia

My Role was to help optimize, edit and write new G-code machining programs, for 2 of the main CNC Routers. This included writing manual code and generating code from certain assembled cad layout drawings.

Jun 2004 Aug 2004------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Graphic Artist and Technical Advisor (Volunteer)

Lifeline Australia Dates Employed Jun 2004 Aug 2004

Location Fortitude Valley, Brisbane, Australia

My role involved working on the internal newsletter, including assisting in the design and layout, creating a new logo and assisting in the writing of articles.

Jan 2004 Apr 2004 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Graphic Artist and Multimedia Specialist (Volunteer)

The Pillar Dates Employed Jan 2004 Apr 2004

Location Nundah, Brisbane, Australia

I was responsible for the restoration of historic photographs for the Nundah and Districts Historical Society and for the production of an interactive 3D walkthrough photo gallery program.

Dec 2002 Mar 2003-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Graphic Artist (Volunteer)

The Pillar Dates Employed Dec 2002 Mar 2003

Location Nundah. Brisbane, Australia

My position entailed a commission to produce 19 graphic images reflecting the meaning of The Pillar and 10 assorted logotypes for the company.

May 2000 Jul 2002-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Purchasing Officer and Electrical Servicer (Volunteer)

Southbank Institute of TAFE Dates Employed May 2000 Jul 2002

Location South Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

I was responsible for purchasing, receiving and delivering goods, and filling in the associated paperwork. I was also responsible for servicing electrical leads and equipment.

Nov 1994 May 1999-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Professional Architectural Modelmaker

Architectural Models PTY LTD, Allan Chandler & Associates. Dates Employed Nov 1994 May 1999

Location Station Street, Fairfield, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

My position required me to design, construct and paint miniature models. I was also employed as a customer call consultant. I worked on many major projects, including the Crown Casino, Epping Hospital and Federation Square in Victoria.


All content on this site, copyright of David. S. Cooper unless otherwise stated.

000 Hello and welcome to the page, or should I say my profile that introduces me to you all 000


Me and one example of the 3D modeling that I do.

My stats are

Name: David. S. Cooper.

Height: Is about 5' 7"

Star sign: "Virgo!"

Status: Single :-(

Interested in Networking and meeting new friends.

Well Hello everyone, well it seems that you must be A little bit curious to see my about page or would you call it a type of Profile page. In any case you landed here for your curiosity, that's OK and I appreciate that if you wish to know me more.