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First Section - Commercial Furniture and office design (The more interesting art based on Commercial furniture, Enjoy)




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The latest renders, a bit Commercial furniture related including one the second one being renderd as the 3rd image as if it was subjected to a flood up north Queensland etc. Enjoy!


Just a sample of my sometimes wacky humor at times, I tested the fur modifier on a desk

Its the new green board range haha, enjoy

Maybe it might come alive and chase you out of the office hmm.

The 1800x1800x1800mm workstation if it were to actually be made from an error that was caught before it was cut, ladder anyone or a DR evial vacumme chair.

Something else also, a special handle style suited for a doctors office I think


Some award designs though probably a bit to flash for the awards, if they were to be issued, I was testing with the finishes.

Enjoy! (Click the above thumbnails for enlar

Second Section - Renders relating to architectural design and interior design

(Click the above thumbnails for enlargements.) gements.)

Dixie Square Mall (American 1966-1978) Demolished 2012

30 years later most of the stripped mall still existed. This is just some example as to the construction basics



Image 4 above is the main sign structure that was at the main entrance.

Image 5 was the Woolworths Court as it would have been just before opening in 1966,

(note woolworths over there was a department store unrelated to the Australian supermarket)

(Click the above thumbnails for enlargements.) gements.)

Philippine related design renders, I had done fromideas in my head and also from some photo research asfor the old traditional


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(Click the above thumbnails for enlargements.) gements.)

Third Section - Home designed (Enjoy)




1. My Space Station, still a work in progress though yet almost complete. I have it animated also and plan to do a lot more, which will feature on here abit more in the future as there is a plan I have for it.

2. The Private examination Chamber.

3. The tower I had designed.

4. Noahs Ark, based on a model kit I have that is supposed to be accurate to the Cubit, I may feature the model on here once assembled otherwise this is a screenshot from a 500 frame animation that I was working on, note there is a lo More refinements, this is not the finished version but is he latest I will Submit the latest version as I refine it, enjoy.

The Reception counter in images 7,8,9,10 relate to one built in activeworlds by another friend I decided to recreate it to see what it would look like if it were a real design due to the type of work I do, according to set standards.

Forth Section - If Activeworlds were real (Enjoy)

Almost non-existant gravity acording to architecture hehe.




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